Whipstick Forest by K Stockwell

This page is a collection of photographs from the northern Victoria and southern Riverina conservation and environment site, including phtographs from the web site of the Echuca and District branch of BOCA

This site aims to promote the natural areas and wildlife of northern Victoria and southern NSW.

Hopefully, the site will be of interest to bird-watchers, bushwalkers, motorists, nature photographers and to all who like the great outdoors.

Armed with better knowledge, we are better able to assess the problems and make better decisions.

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northern Victoria and the Southern Riverina

Mitiamo Rock
On top Mt Terrick Terrick
Photo: Duncan Turnbull

A collection of photographs


The Murray Valley


Forests around Bendigo

The photographs on this page have all been taken in northern Victoria or sin the southern Riverina of New South Wales. Copyright remains with the photographers.



This page contains a selection of photographs from the Northern Victoria and southern (Riverina) NSW conservation and environment site, including some photos from the pages of Echuca and District Branch BOCA. All photographs shown here have been taken in either northern Victoria or southern (Riverina) New South Wales, Australia. Photographs by K Stocvkwell except where otherwise attributed. Copyright of photographs remains with the photographers. There is a separate gallery of bird photographs which can be entered by clicking here.

Barmah-Millewa Forest

Reed Beds Mathoura
Reflections, Reed Beds, between Mathoura and Picnic Point


Reed Beds
Reed Beds, between Mathoura and Picnic Point


Arboretum of indigenous plants alongside the Cobb Highway at an entrance to Gulpa Island


Barmah Forest
A 'runner' in Barmah Forest


Barmah Lake
Barmah Lake


Barmah in flood
Barmah Forest in flood


Moira Lake
Dry floor of Moira Lake


Moira Lake when full

Cattle pug marks on dry bed of Hut Lake


Broken Creek
Broken Crek


Black Swank
Black Swans

linkBarmah-Millewa forest page

Gunbower Island

Black Swamp
Black Swamp, Gunbower Island

Gunbower Creek
Gunbower Creek


Black swamp
Black Swamp, Gunbower Island


Gunbower Creek


Sandhill Farm
Gunbower Creek alongside Sandhill Farm (D Ong)


Baillieu lagoon
Baillieu (Richardsons) Lagoon (D Ong)

link Gunbower Forest page


Echuca Regional Park


Greater Bendigo National Park and forests near Bendigo

Hidden dam
Hidden Dam, One Eye Forest


Black Rock
Black Rock, Greater Bendigo National Park


A walking track in Kamarooka Forest


Kamarooka Forest, Greater Bendigo National Park


Terrick Terrick National Park

Terricks Pines
Cypress Pines (Callitris sp.) in Terrick Terrick National Park

Terrick Terrick forest
Forested area of Terrick Terrick National Park


Terrick Terrick Grasslands


Terrick Terrick grasslands
Grasslands at Terrick Terrick lookinggtoward the Davies homestead

Grasslands ar Terricks
Grasslands at Terrick Terrick looking toward tghe Davbies homestead


Terrick gterrick east grassland
Terrick Terrick East grasslands


Australian wildflowers
Wildflowers in Roslynmead section of Terrick Terrick National Park


Rock Isotome (D Ong)


Box Forest


Lignum and Box alongside Bendigo Creek, Terrick Terrick National Park


Bendigo Creek
Bendigo Creek, Terrick Terrick National Park





Other areas

Koorlangie Marshes
Box-Chenopod vegetation in Koorangie Reserve (west of Kerang, Victoria)


Reedy Lake
Reedy Swamp, Shepparton


Moama Wetlands
Moama Wetlands


Mistletoe, Tresco West Reserve



Mt Hope
Kidman Way, Mount Hope

Hird Swamp
Hird Swamp, Macorna North



Big Box Treek
Giant Box Tree, Kanyapella Basn


Bush Stone Curlew
Bush Stone Curlew


Bush Stone Curlew


Black Swan
Black Swan (photo: Dallas Wyatt)


Musk Lorikeet
Musk Lorikeet (photo: Murray Chambers)


Hobby (photo: Murray Chambers)


Little Wattle Bird
Little Wattle Bird (Murray Chambers)


Rainbow Lorikeet


Bird Gallery: a collection of over 150 photos of birds found in the Murray Valley


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