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This page lists some of the web sites associated with Australian birds.

To many people, birding may seem an unfathomable pastime.

Birding may conjure up images of someone feeding magpies or looking through binoculars at birds in an urban park. Such images of a bird observer may not be accurate.

Perhaps there are as many reasons why people are interested in birding as there are birders.

Some birders wish to see bird species they have not observed before, even if this means travelling to various parts of the country at short notice or trudging through swamps.

Some birders enjoy roughing it, camping in a tent in the remote outback, so that they can see the birds of that region.

Others travel about birding from early morn to dusk but, at night, prefer the comforts of a motel.

Some go on a small fishing boat in rough seas to observe seabirds (a pelagic) whilst others rarely travel far from home.

Some attend birding outings and camps largely for social reasons; some prefer to bird alone.

Apart from conducting surveys, birders are often involved in habitat restoration or protection work.

This sometimes puts birders offside with those who wish to damage bird habitats, e.g. some housing estate developers.

If action is not taken to protect the habitats of birds, bird watching will be more difficult and less enjoyable. That is why more and more stress is being placed on 'conservation' and 'education' and why the name of the parent organisation was changed from Bird Observers Club to Bird Observation & Conservation Australia. The merger of BOCA with Birds Australia (to form BirdLife Australia) may further the cause of bird conservation, education and observation..

Birding helps one to better appreciate the natural environment and the inter-relationship between plants and animals







Little wattlebird by Murray Chambers


Links to Australian birding sites


Web sites of other BirdLife branches

For information on branches and groups not listed, check the BirdLife Australia web site. If any other BirdLife Australia Branch has a web site, please let us know by email so that the site can be listed above. Please note that Branch names and web addresses may change during 2012.

Links on this page

From now on, preference is to be given to sites about Australian birds and sites in the greater Echuca District. When this page is next upgraded, site ~ particularly commercial sites ~ pertaining to areas outside of the Echuca District are likely to be deleted.

Note: links last checked October 2017.

Photographs of Australian birds

Abberton Bird Galleries
Bill Jolly's site

Australian Bird Photography
Peter Fuller's birding site

Australian Birdlife Photo Library
photos by Greg Holland and Leon Keasey; commercial site

BirdQuest: Australian Photo Gallery
Kevin Vang's site

Birdway: photos of Australian birds
photos by Ian Montgomery; commercial site

Cheryl Ridge's Photo Gallery
(bird section)

Chris Ross Bird Gallery: Aus-Natural

David Kleinert Photography
photos, many of which were taken in the Murray Valley, by David Kleinert

Australian Bird Section

Graham Chapman Photographics

Gypsy Twitchers

Jon Hosford's 'Winderdoon Bird Gallery'

Photo Galleries of Echuca District birds

Tony Keene's Gallery of Australian Bird photos

Birding blogs/sites of individual birders (other than photo galleries)
See also Regional Birding


Birding Western Australia
Frank O'Connor's site

Birdwatching South Australia
Peter Waanders' Southern Birding Service site

Lloyd Nielsen's Birding Australia

Michael Morcombe's Site 

Birds in Tasmania
Site of Alan Fletcher and others

The Gypsy Twitchers
Birding adventures of El and Al Wright

Trevor Hampel's blog

World Birding Info: a web site by John Penhallurick

Jennifer Spry's Birdling Blog



Birding Binoculars Guide

Best Binocular Review - overseas site

Bintel - Binocular and Telescope shop, Sydney

Optics for Birding


Birding paraphernalia

Andrew Isles Natural History Books

Note: The Birding Shop and the Blue Wren Birding Shop have both closed.

Photographic equipment is not covered on this site.



Regional Birding


Bayside suburbs of Melbourne
BirdLife Bayside site)

Blue Mountains and Capertee Valley
by Carol Probets


Bruny Island, Tasmania
by Dr Tonia Cochrane

Cairns and surrounds
by John Seale

by Klaus Uhlenhut


Gluepot Reserve (South Australia)

Hunter BOC

Mareeba Wetlands

Newstead, Victoria
Geoff Park's web site

North-east Queensland
bird guide book and notes by Jo Wieneke

Northern Victoria and southern NSW
(BirdLife Echuca & District)

Nullarbor Plain
Eyre Bird Observatory

Penrith and Nepean/Hawkesbury area

by Peter Woodall

South Australia
by Peter Waanders

Sampsonville, Southern Queensland
by Tom Tarrant

Cumberland Bird Observers

by Alan Fletcher and others

Western Australia
by Frank O'Connor


Sites about specific birds or bird types

Australasian Wader Studies Group

Malleefowl Recovery Group

Migratory Waterbirds


Rainforest Birds
(Chambers Lodge site)


Various Australian Birds
(Australia Zoo site)


Use a search engine to find information on specific species


Australia-wide sites of birding groups/clubs

Australian Bird Study Association

Asia Pacific Shorebirds Network

Birding-Aus Archives

Birdline / Eremaea Birds

BirdLife Australia

Birds in Backyards

Birdwatching Australia : Directory of Australian Birdwatching

Gould League of Birdlovers 

State or Australia-wide sites of birding associations/clubs

Australian Bird Study Association

BirdLife Australia

Birding NSW

Birds Queensland

Birds South Australia

Canberra Ornithologists Group Inc.

Cumberland Bird Observers (Sydney area)

NSW Field Ornithologists Club

South Australian Ornithological Association (Birds SA)

Tassiebirds Blogspot (not maintained?)


8. Commercial birding guides and birding tours

Arnhemland Birds  

Australian Ornithological Services P/L (Phil Maher's birding tours)

Birding Australia
Lloyd Nielsen's site

Birdway ~ online photos of Australian birds

Blue Mountains and Capertee Valley
Carol Probets, birding guide

Cassowary Bird Tours
(north Queensland)

Cassowary House, birding and lodge
Kuranda, north Queensland

Cassowary Birding Tours
Cairns and district

Close-up Birding Adventures ~ David Crawford
North Queensland

Coates Wildlife Tours

Firetail Birdwatching Tours ~ Simon Starr
Specialising in central and northern Victoria

Follow That Bird
Specialising in Sydney and far eastern NSW

Gondwana Guides (Barry Davies)
Specialising in Lamington National Park, Qld

Inala, Bruny Island, Tasmania
Accommodation and nature tours

Jolly Goodfellow's Birding
Tours in Bookmark (including Gluepot) Biosphere, South Australia

John Young Wildlife Enterprises
(videos and DVDs; wildlife guide)

Kimberley Birdwatching Tours
 (George Swan)

Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge, Julatten
(inland from Cairns, foot of Mt Lewis)

Kirrama Wildlife Tours (Klaus & Brenda Uhlenhut
Specialising in Cape York and northern Queensland

The Melbourne Birder
Steve Davidson

Michael Morcombe's Bird Site
Bird and plant book author

Peregrine Tours
Chris Doughty and others

Sicklebill Safaris
North Queensland

Sydney Pelagics

Paul Hackett Birding Tours
Specialising in the Melbourne area


This section will only list accommodation in the Echuca District aimed at birders.
Refer to the BirdLife magazine for more accommodation in various parts of Australia that is aimed at birders. Some of the above guides also offer accommodation packages.
No listings at this stage.


Sightings & records

Avibase ~ worldwide records

Backyard Birdwatch (use menu on site)


Bird Info
(commercial database software)

Birdline ~ page for each Australian State

Birdpedia ~ latest bird sightings

Canberra sightings

Eremaea ~ hosting Birdline (separate page for each State)


Publications on line

Andrew Isles Natural History Books

Bird Calls

Recent Ornithological Literature

Re-birding Australia

State of Australia's Birds 2004

State of Australia's Birds 2005


Miscellaneous birding sites

Bird Calls ~ David Stewart

Birds in Backyards

Re-birding Australia

Seabird Rescue

Site Map for web pages of BirdLife Echuca District

Home Page of BirdLife Echuca District
Home Page (note the new URL of this page) new

Articles by Members
indentArticles by members of BirdLife Echuca District
by members, page 2 (older articles)

Crosswords: Australasian Birds, birding sites & birding terminology (pdf files)
indentCrosswords Page (
links to crosswords)
Avian Crossword 1 (mildly cryptic; pdf file0
indentindentSolution to Crossword 1 (pdf )

indentAvian Crossword 2 (semi-cryptic; pdf file)
indentindentSolution to Crossword 2 (pdf)

indentAvian Crossword 3 (semi-cryptic; pdf fi
indentindentSolution to Crossword 3 (pdf file)
indentAvian Crossword 4 (theme: Echuca area birds; pdf file)
indentindent Solution to Crossword 4 (pdf file)
indentAvian Crossword 5 (mildly cryptic; pdf file)
indentindent Solution to Crossword 5 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 6 (alternate bird names and birding terminology; pdf file)
indentindentSolution to Crossword 6 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 7(alternate bird names and birding terminology; pdf file)
indentindentSolution to Crossword 7 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 8 (theme: Australian water birds; pdf file)
indentindentSolution to Crossword 8 (pdf)
indent Avian Crossword 9 (theme: Australian birding spots & rare birds found at them)
indentindentSolution to Crossword 9 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 10 (theme: birds of far north Queensland)
indentindentSolution to Crossword 10 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 11 (theme: New Zealand birds; pdf file)
indentindentSolution to Crossword 11 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 12 (theme: birding paraphernalia; pdf file)
indentindent Solution to Crossword 12 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 13 (theme: collective nouns for bird species; pdf file)
indentindentSolution to Crossword 13 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 14 (theme: Tasmanian birds; pdf file)
indentindent Solution to Crossword 14 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 15 (revised: inland Australian bird
(pdf file)
indentindent Solution to Crossword 15
indentAvian Crossword 16
indentindentSolution to Crossword 15 (pdf)
indentAvian Crossword 17
indentindent Solution to Crossword 17

indentAvian Crossword
indentindent Solution to Crossword 18

indentAvian Crossword 19

indentindent Solution to Crossword 19

Bird Lists
Outing Bird List (pdf; back to back A4 sheet)
indentRegional Bird List( (pdf brochure)
indentTerrick Terrick National Park Bird List(pdf brochure)

Australia-wide bird list (external site)

Birding Guides (first two lines are pdf files)
indentBarmah l Deniliquin l Echuca-Moama l Gunbower Island l Gulpa Creek l Kamarooka l Kanyapella-Wyuna
Perricoota Rd. Moama l Terrick Terrick NP
indentDistrict birding spots (html variant of the nine birding guides) (revised January 2012)
indentBirding in Kamarooka Forest with Peter Allan
(revised January 2012)

Bird Photographs

indentBirds of Echuca District: David Ong's photo gallery (page 1)
indentBirds of Echuca District: David Ong's photo gallery (page 2)
indentBirds of Echuca District: photographs by other members (bird gallery page 3)new

Birding outings and reports of outings

indentForthcoming district bird outings
indentReports of outings

Featured Bird'
: current
indentFeatured Bird


indentLatest Newsletter (pdf file)
Several past newsletters can be accessed from the home page of BirdLife Echuca District


Regional Reserves
Notes on conservation parks and reserves new
indentThere are many separate pages on regional reserves that can be accessed from the above page.

Reviews of Birding Books (including electronic field guides)
indentReviews of birding books (revised September 2012)

Most of the above pages were checked and/or upgraded in December 2009 and some have been subsequently upgraded/revised.

Documents which are in PDF format can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded cost free from the Adobe web site at: http://www.adobe.com.au/products/acrobat/readstep2.html. It is suggested that you update to the latest version as recommended by Adobe for your system. Full versions which enable you to create pdf files can be purchased through Adobe or through most computer stores.


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Plant tour of Moama district

Whipstick Plants
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Regional Bushland Reserves(notes on over 100 local reserves, including National Parks, upgraded Dec 2009)
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