Rainbow Lorikeet (Keith Stockwell)

This page has links to a number of crosswords with an avian theme.The crosswords can be downloaded as pdf files. All crosswords were compiled by Keith Stockwell.


Mistletoebird by David Ong


link Fat Birder's birding quizes (links)

link Crossword puzzle of North American Birds

Just as British train spotters keep lists and carry paraphernalia, so too do birders. A good field guide comes in handy and the Slater Field Guide is one of the best.

The Simpson and Day guide is also readily available in bookstores.


Some birders prefer the Pizzey and Knight guide.


The Pizzey and Knight guide is too large to fit into one's pocket though. The ninth edition is now available.

Incidentally, Day and Knight are the respective illustrators.

Others prefer Michael Morcombe's guide because it is easier to fit in a pocket.

Mr Morcombe also has an electronic guide that can be used on mobile devices. It's very handy in the field!


Other birding guide books are are amongst the books reviewed on the 'Books' page.

As well as a good field guide, a birder may carry some or all of the following: 10 by 40 (or 10x42) binoculars, a tripod and telescope, a camera, a GPS for recording latitude and longitude of sightings, topographic maps, a notebook and pen, a device for tweaking up wrens and other small birds, plus a backpack with water, nibbles and so forth.

To help understand the makeup of a twitcher ~ a dedicated birder who is prepared to travel all over Australia and offshore in search of new birds ~ have a read of Sean Dooley's wonderful book, The Big Twitch.

The Big Twitch

Sean has written other books, such as one on the A to Z of birdwatching: Amoraks to Zitting Cisticola.

A to Z


Sean is editor of the new BirdLife Australia magazine and immediate past editor of Wingspan.





Birding Crosswords

Bush Stone-curlew
Bush Stone Curlew by Keith Stockwell

Crossswords with an avian theme

This page contains a number of birding crosswords that can be downloaded as pdf files. The crosswords were composed by Keith Stockwell over a number of years. Unfortunately they were composed using a software tool that has been discontinued and which is not compatible to present operating systems: this means that it is not easy to upgrade the first three or four crosswords or to correct the solutions. I hope you enjoy solving one or more of these puzzles.


Crossword One
This was the first crossword composed for a Branch newsletter. Containing several two-letter words, it is difficult and mildly cryptic.

indentAvian Crossword 1

indentindentSolution to Crossword 1

Crossword Two
This was the second crossword one and it too is semi-cryptic.
indentAvian Crossword 2

indentindentSolution to Crossword 2

Crossword Three
was the third first crossword composed.
indentAvian Crossword 3
indentindentSolution to Crossword 3

Crossword Four
The theme of this crossword is birds found in the Echuca district.

indentAvian Crossword 4
indentindent Solution to Crossword 4

Crossword Five
This is another crossword that has some cryptic clues.
indentAvian Crossword 5
indentindent Solution to Crossword 5

Crossword Six
This crossword has as its themes alternate bird names and birding terminology.

indentAvian Crossword 6
indentindentSolution to Crossword 6

Crossword Seven
The theme of this crossword is also alternative common bird names and birding terminology.

indentAvian Crossword 7
indentindentSolution to Crossword 7

Crossword Eight
The theme of this crosswrod is Australian waterbirds.is was the first crossword composed fo

indentAvian Crossword 8
indentindentSolution to Crossword 8

Crossword Nine
The theme of this crossword is well-known Australian birding spots and some of the rare birds found at those places.

indent Avian Crossword 9
indentindentSolution to Crossword 9

Crossword Ten
A birding trip to north Queensland inspired the creation of a crossword based on birds found in far north Queensland.

indentAvian Crossword 10
indentindentSolution to Crossword 10

Crossword 11
A birding trip to New Zeasland inspired this crossword. If you are not familiar with New Zealand birds you might need a New Zealand bird list to helpl solve this crossword!

indentAvian Crossword 11
indentindentSolution to Crossword 11

Crossword 12
Birders seem to have lots of equipment. The theme for this crossword is birding paraphenalia.

indentAvian Crossword 12
indentindent Solution to Crossword 12

Crossword 13
There are lots of collective nouns used in relation to birds. This crossword teases out many of them.

indentAvian Crossword 13
indentindentSolution to Crossword 13

Crossword 14
A birding safari around Tasmania (Tasalong) inspired this crossword. The theme is Tasmanian endemics.

indentAvian Crossword 14
indentindent Solution to Crossword 14

Crossword 15
The theme of this crossword is birds of the Australian inland.

indentAvian Crossword 15
indentindent Solution to Crossword 15

Crossword 16
The theme of this crossword is Australian birds. This crossword is from Plains-waznderer 59, May 2010. A theme is alternative common names.

indentAvian Crossword 16
indentindent Solution to Crossword 16

Crossword 17
This crossword first appeared in Plains-wanderer 65, November 2011. Some clues are cryptic.

indentAvian Crossword 17
indentindent Solution to Crossword 17

Crossword 18
This crossword first appeared in Plains-wanderer 67, May 2012. Some clues are cryptic.

indentAvian Crossword
indentindent Solution to Crossword 18

Crossword 19
This crossword first appeared in Plains-wanderer 69, September 2012. The theme is common names. Some clues are cryptic.

indentAvian Crossword 19
indentindent Solution to Crossword 19


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